CRC-PC Smart Chamber Dose Calibrator

The CRC-PC Smart Chamber combines the well-known and highly reliable measurement Capintec chamber with an innovative web-based user interface to…

Additional Shielding

Shielding items for various applications and work spaces

Check Sources

Radioactive check sources  available in a range of radionuclides with alpha, beta, and gamma emissions.

Radiation Signs & Labels

Radiation warning signs, labels, tape, and flagging for a variety of applications

Syringe Shields

Easy-to-use syringe shields to protect clinicians from exposures using radionuclides

Vial Shields

Vial shields designed to protect clinicians for various applications

Shipping Systems

Shipping systems to safely transport radioactive material in compliance with applicable transport regulations

Tec-Control Chromatography Systems

Tec-Control Chromatography tests for radiopharmaceutical quality control

Captus 4000e Thyroid Uptake System

The Captus 4000e unit is a comprehensive Nuclear Medicine Measurement System, with specific software modules for thyroid uptake, bioassay, wipe…

CRC-77tHR Dose Calibrator

High Activity Measurements for Isotope Production Environments