The most common use of radioactive material in construction and engineering is with portable radiation devices (also called nuclear gauges or densitometers). These devices are used to measure the density and moisture of compaction materials. To acquire and use these devices, organizations must first have a nuclear substances and radiation devices (NSRD) licence from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Maintaining a NSRD licence requires a radiation safety program.

ALARA provides a range of services related to portable nuclear gauges

    • Licence application/renewal assistance & regulatory compliance consultation
    • Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Authorized User, & TDG Class 7 training
    • Radiation survey meter (e.g., Geiger counters) sales, calibration, and repair
    • Sealed source leak testing
    • Disposal
    • Storage
    • Emergency Response

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Portable Nuclear Gauge Sales, Servicing, & Calibration