Radioactive material can inadvertently end up in metal recycling facilities and waste landfills in the form of naturally occurring radioactive material (NORM) or orphaned manmade sources and devices.  Often accepted unknowingly, radioactive material poses a potential hazard to workers and the environment, can contaminate other materials, and become a costly burden.

NORM Waste

NORM disposal must be done in accordance with the Canadian Guidelines for the Management of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material and only permitted to be sent to licensed NORM disposal facilitates.

Radiation Device Collection

Collection of Manmade sources is regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) and must be done in compliance with regulations.

ALARA provides a range of radiation related services including

    • Vehicle radiation portal (gate monitor) system sales, installs, & servicing
    • Radiation survey meter (e.g., Geiger counters) sales, calibration, & repair
    • Radiation Awareness for Landfill Workers training
    • Collection of orphan sources & devices
    • NORM disposal consultation