Turnarounds & Shutdowns

ALARA’s NORM turnaround services include pre-turnaround planning, onsite identification of NORM contaminated equipment, management of personnel, and training. We assist clients with arranging disposal of NORM waste in an unbiased, cost-effective manner. We recommend procedures and protocols that make workers feel comfortable and safe when dealing with NORM.

Turnaround & Shutdown Services

    • Pre-turnaround planning and logistics, including NORM site surveys
    • NORM training
    • Assess NORM contamination levels on the interior of process equipment
    • Inform personnel of NORM hazards and make recommendations of appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), procedures, and safety precautions
    • Perform onsite assessment of liquid, solid, and swipe samples
    • Supervise and monitor onsite NORM contamination control measures and decontamination efforts
    • Consultation:
        • Cleaning & Decontamination
        • Ventilation
        • Transportation
        • Labelling and containment
        • Regulatory requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NORM?

NORM stands for Naturally Occuring Radioactive Material.

Does ALARA dispose of NORM?

While ALARA can provide consulting related to NORM disposal requirements, we do not facilitate the disposal of NORM.

Is NORM immediately dangerous to life and health (IDLH)?

No. However, repeat or chronic exposures to NORM may be hazardous to your health.

Why do i need to measure for NORM?

NORM can be both colorless and odourless and is only identified by testing with radiation or NORM detectors.