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Decontamination products used for routine cleaning or emergency response

Soaps & Solutions

Bind-It Decontamination Soap

Bind-It Decontamination Soap

Item # 0601-0017

Soap, Hand, Bind-It, 237ml Home 12/Case

Bind-It decontamination spray is ideal for general purpose cleanup of nuclear medicine isotopes. Whether in the hot lab, receiving, camera rooms, or patient isolation areas, Bind-It does the job. Bind-It offers advantages over other decontamination products:

    • Pleasantly scented – formulated with a mild, pleasant scent. No harsh odors, no sulfur smell, no wrinkled noses
    • Won’t cloud lead glass
    • Effective at removing nuclear medicine isotopes, including radioiodines
    • Safe to use on delicate well detectors, thyroid probes, and camera heads
    • Non-corrosive, safe on painted, coated, or varnished surfaces

Bind-It works by attracting and binding the isotope, thereby trapping it in solution. This attraction is so powerful, it will even “pull” spilled isotope out of tile grout and other semi-porous surfaces. It is also highly effective as a shield when used to pre-treat surfaces such as bench tops and workplaces where spills are likely. Simply spray the surface and allow to dry. This makes cleanup faster and easier.

Importantly, it removes skin contamination.

Radi-Clean Decontaminant Concentrate

Radi-Clean Decontaminant Concentrate

Item # 0601-0003

1 Liter Bottle

This mild but powerful concentrate will safely remove radioactive contamination and problem substances from all types of lab apparatus. Radi-clean’s cleaning power is comparable to a hot acid bath but with no hazard to personnel. At nominal dilution (1 to 50) with warm tap water, Radi-clean is negligibly corrosive, mildly alkaline, and harmless to skin and clothing.

One liter makes 12 gal. (~45 L) of solution.

Decontamination Kits

Decontamination Kit

Decontamination Kit

Item # 0601-0001

This kit contains all protective clothing, decontaminants and accessories for handling radioactive spills or other routine contamination problems in the lab. Each kit comes in a 14 gallon plastic drum with a radioactive label and can be used for storing radioactive waste.


114 Gal Open Head Poly Drum W/Plastic Leverlock Closure. Un/Dot Rating: 1h2/X65/S 1h2/Y100/S, Yellow
2Tyvek Disposable Coverall with Hood
2Pairs, Pvc Booties, Yellow, 6 Mil
2Half Mask Respirator, 5500 Series, Equiped with 7580p100 Filters
2Pairs, Latex Gloves
1Decon Hand And Instrument Cleaner
5Polyethylene Printed Bags, 18”X 24”, .004 Mil. Yellow with Magenta Lettering, “Caution Radioactive Material”
1Roll Yellow Tape with Magenta Lettering, “Radioactive Materia;” With Trefoil
1Sponge Mop, Pail, Dustpan and Brush
2Yellow Warning Signs eith Magenta Lettering, “Caution Contaminated Area”
1Rad Rope, 3/16”X50’, Yellow/Magenta
1Pack Of 50 Sampling Swipes
112” Disposable Plastic Niptongs

Minor Spill Emergency Kit

Minor Spill Emergency Kit

Item # 0601-0009

Minor Spill Emergency Kit is based on the suggested contents described in NRC Reg Guide. The Minor Spill Kit is better suited for use in the Nuclear Medicine area.

All kits include translucent yellow tint, 4 mil plastic liners to be stored for quick retrieval in the event of a contamination incident. The kit includes Emergency Procedures and forms to document a spill and decontamination efforts

6Pairs of disposable gloves
1Pair of housekeeping gloves
2Disposable lab coats
2Paper hats
2Pairs, Latex Gloves
2Disposable shoe covers
1Roll absorbent paper w/ plastic backing
6Yellow plastic bag liners with twist ties
1Roll tape “Caution Radioactive”
1Black pen
3Pre-strung tags “Caution Radioactive Material”
10Supplies for contamination smears samples
1Clear clipboard
1Instructions for “Emergency Procedures”

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