Captus 4000e Thyroid Uptake System

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The Captus 4000e unit is a comprehensive Nuclear Medicine Measurement System, with specific software modules for thyroid uptake, bioassay, wipe tests, automated quality assurance tests, and isotope library. The system includes a fully functional 1024 channel MCA with auto and manual calibration. Timed activity mode features a programmable repetitive timed measurement program.

Improved menu driven workflow and large 20 inch color touch screen streamlines user interface.

The optional fully integrated DICOM interface communicates directly with hospital information systems, and can transfer patient, wipe test, and QC data. Custom Protocol is included as standard, and Microsoft Office Professional 2010 software is optional.

New and improved stand provides ergonomically adjustable monitor and easy to position articulating collimator arm. Four sided comfortable handle grips and swivel wheels ensure easy mobility. PC can be attached to either right or left side to optimize workspace.


Available in 3 Configurations

System Only

ITEM# 5430-30151

Does not include additional well detector

System with 1″ Well

ITEM# 5430-30152

Includes 2″ diameter NaI(Tl) well detector
with 1″ Lead Shielding

Well Dimensions: 1.55″ deep x 0.66″ diameter

System with 2" Well

ITEM# 5430-30154

Includes 2″ diameter NaI(Tl) well detector
with 2″ Lead Shielding

Well Dimensions: 1.55″ deep x 0.66″ diameter

Software Features

Diagnostics & Tests

    • Fully automated Quality Assurance Section includes energy calibration, zero adjust, gain adjust, detector efficiency, detector resolution, chi-square, constancy, and MDA
    • Manual calibration available in MCA module

Thyroid Uptake

    • Provides four predefined protocols
    • Supports both capsule and liquid dose formats
    • Dose may be pre-counted before patient assignment
    • Pre-dose measurement option
    • Normal range option

Wipe Tests

    • Setup for multiple groupings; Isotope identification available
    • Spectrum is displayed for each wipe
    • Activity exceeding trigger levels flagged in red


    • 1024 channels
    • Automated and manual calibration selection
    • Preset or user defined ROI; Count set by real time, live time, or total peak counts
    • Timed activity feature enables predefined continual repetitive measurements

DICOM Interface (Optional)

    •  Fully integrated interface with Captus 4000e system
    • Retrieve patient data from worklist
    • Upload patient, wipe test, and QA reports


    • Monitors Staff for I-123, I-125, and I-131 exposure
    • User defined action levels for each isotope
    • Individual and summary reports available

Custom Protocol

    • Create Custom Measurement Sequence
    • Customizable Reports


    • Reports include full spectrum graphics
    • Thyroid report includes time vs. uptake value graph
    • Data is archived
    • Reports can be printed or saved as a .pdf file

Hardware Specifications

Thyroid Uptake Stand

    • Ergonomically designed floor stand; Medical grade Corian countertop with shelf
    • Adjustable height PC stand, left or right side mounting
    • Articulating arm with 34 in. vertical range of travel and 220° collimator rotation
    • Protective cable management system
    • Neck phantom storage location
    • Fully protected internally routed cables
    • Four heavy-duty locking casters that swivel 360°
    • Isolation transformer for patient and user safety
    • QA source holder for reproducible geometry


    • 20″ All-in-One Touch Screen Flat Panel Computer
    • Windows 10 Platform


    • Color Ink Jet printer

Uptake Detector

    • 2″ diameter 14-pin NaI(Tl) detector with 1.55″ d x 0.66″ dia. well
    • Flat field collimator meets ANSI N44.3, IAEA
    • Precision measurement and alignment rod, which measures distance directly to thyroid

Well Counter

    • 2″ diameter NaI(Tl) well detector with 1.55″ d x 0.66″ dia. well
    • 1″ lead well shield with brass liner
    • Optional 2″ shield available

Multichannel Analyzer Interface PC Board

    • Two detector inputs
    • 1024 Channels
    • Maximum count rate: 200,000 cps at 5%
    • Count Rate Linearity: Within 2% up to 150,000 cps; ROIs automatic or manual
    • Differential Linearity <2% over the top 98% of channels; Integral Linearity <1% over the top 98% of channels
    • Presets live time, real time, total counts
    • Automatic peak finding
    • Software controlled lower level discriminator

Thyroid Uptake Stand Dimensions

    • Closed Storage Position: 56″ x 28″ x 32″ (142 x 71 x 81 cm) (H x W x D)
    • Arm able to extend 36″ (91 cm) horizontally beyond shelf
    • Vertical travel 25 – 63″ (64 – 160 cm)
    • Weight: Uptake System: 340 lb. (154 kg)
    • Weight with 1″ Shielded Well: 410 lb. (186 kg)
    • Weight with 2″ Shielded Well: 540 lb. (245 kg)


    • 120 V ac, 60 Hz, 2.6 AMP
    • 230 V ac, 50 Hz, 1.1 AMP
    • Isolation Transformer with hospital grade cord and plug

DICOM Software (Optional)

ITEM # 5430-00007

DICOM software adds DICOM Modality Worklist (MWL) and DICOM export to the Captus 4000e system. This solution allows patient information and demographics to be pulled from the Radiology Information System (RIS) or Hospital Information System (HIS), thus, reducing errors and time associated with the manual input of patient information.

Cap-DICOM software creates a DICOM secondary capture image from information generated during the uptake procedure. The software exports the DICOM image files to a destination DICOM C-Store provider specified by the user. This destination may be a nuclear medicine workstation or PACS (Picture Archive and Communication System).

Optional Accessories

 Item #Description
5230-0038Neck Phantom
5420-2164Well Detector 2″ Shield
7315-1850Rod Source Holder