Dose Calibrator Vial Sources

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Dose Calibrator Reference Sources provide a safe and convenient method of calibrating instruments for measuring the accuracy of imaging solutions most commonly utilized by medical technicians.

ALARA provides Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products reference sources

    • Variety of radionuclides and activities available
    • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Traceable
    • 27 ml Polyethylene Vial
    • 20 ml active element
    • Epoxy density 1.0 g/cm3

Individual Vials

Model # Radionuclide Activity (MBq) Activity (μCi)
RV-022-200U Na-22 7.4 200
RV-057-5M Co-57 185 5,000
RV-057-10M Co-57 370 10,000
RV-068-5M Ge-68 185 5,000
RV-060-50U Co-60 1.85 50
RV-133-250U Ba-133 9.25 250
RV-137-100U Cs-137 3.7 100
RV-137-200U Cs-137 7.4 200
RV-137-250U Cs-137 9.25 250

Vial Sets

Model # Radionuclide Activity (MBq) Activity (μCi)
RV-SET-1 Cs-137 7.4 200
Co-57 185 5,000
Co-60 1.85 50
RV-SET-2 Cs-137 7.4 200
Co-57 185 5,000
Ba-133 9.25 250
RV-SET Cs-137 7.4 200
Co-57 185 5,000
Co-60 1.85 50
Ba-133 9.25 250

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there other activities available?

Yes, for certain radionuclides, custom activities can be produced. Please contact us for more info.

Where can I dispose of old source vials?

ALARA provides cost effective disposal solutions and will give clear instructions, assist with transport documentation, help arrange sending your old sources to our Edmonton facility. Contact us for more info.

How often should I replace a vial source?

Recommended replacement depends on radionuclide and activity. Sources with shorter half-lives need to be replaced more frequently.

I can’t find what I am looking for in the catalog, are there other options available?

EZIP manufactures sources for different types of sources and can customize almost any of its existing products. Contact us for pricing and availability.