NORM Samples

NORM Sampling is necessary in the event that you wish to dispose of, abandon or transport NORM materials. Before any of these can occurr we need to know exactly what materials you have. A NORM sample can be submitted to ALARA Consultants using this form.

normSampleDifferent analysis types are available depending on your specific needs, however, most people will want to select "NORM ID and Concentration". There may be cases where you just want to know if a material is NORM waste or not (not sufficient for disposal purposes) if this is the case a qualitative result will be provided simply letting you know if there is any material in the sample above background.

To collect the sample

PPE Requirements for Collecting NORM Samples
When collecting a NORM sample it is recommended that a worker should wear a HEPA filter cartridge respirator (or supplied air) and appropriate gloves (rubber/leather). When entering a confined space, disposable coveralls (hooded rubber or tyvek) and rubber boots should also be worn.

Collect the sample in a leak proof container, glass or plastic is fine. For liquids we require 1 litre, for solids we require around a coffee cup full of material. Once the sample has been collected, wipe down the exterior of the container.


To ship the sample

Place 1 litre of liquid sample or 1/4 litre of solid sample in a plastic sealed container. Place the samples in a shipping container (good condition cardboard box or cooler) with appropriate packing material. The box or shipping container must be able to withstand normal transport conditions. Place a piece of paper, with the word “RADIOACTIVE”, on top of the sample, so that when the shipping container is opened the “RADIOACTIVE” sign will be seen, then seal the container with tape. On the outside of the shipping container write the word “Test Samples” and “UN2910”. (Writing the shipping name Radioactive Material, Excepted Package - Limited Quantity of Material on the outside of the shipping container is required if shipped via air but is optional by ground – not recommended as it confuses carrier about Class 7 placard and label requirements)