RadComm RC1069


The RC1000 series is an ideal radiation detection for small vehicle and small material handling units



Detection Capability/Overall Sensitivity:

2.3uCi (82 mCi) / 85kBq (3 GBq)* Unshielded Source (Shielded Source)

*Radiation measurement of 137Cs (point source) at 1 meter from the face of the detector (the radiation exposure level is comparable to a 75mm dia. x 150mm 137Cs lead sealed source buried in 20 lbs/ft3 (0.32 g/cm3) of scrap metal)

Detection of Radioactivity in Low Density Materials

The RC1000 series of radiation detection systems have been designed for lower density materials such as waste and light/bulky scrap metal. The vehicle size and type will help determine the appropriate detector panel size (34L- RC1034 or 69L - RC1069). The RC1000 detection systems all utilize RadComm’s high quality specially prepare Polyvinyl Toluene (PVT) scintillators.  The proprietary PVT design has been optimized to allow maximum light output during scintillation events.


Simplified and Efficient

The RC1000 is based on “Rate-Meter” technology. This technology requires a minimal calibration on system startup. Once the alarm thresholds are setup, system operation is automated.  In the event an increase in the measured radiation levels is detected, an increasing audio frequency will sound with an accompanying Red Alarm lamp will alert the operator to the presence of radioactive material.


Flexible and upgradable

The RC1000 design is considered an entry level system where the operator will have to manually record and track alarm information and other parameters. In anticipation of future requirements the RC1000 system is fully capable of upgrading to the RC2000 and RC4000 that have full automation of the manual tasks of the RC1000 system.  These upgrades enable such features as detailed data storage, real time tracking, network capability, and manual scanning.

Model# RC1069
System Size (in3) 4,216
System Size (L) 69
System size is based on 2 panels  
PER/Panel Size (in3) 2,108
PER/Panel Size (L) 34.5
# of PMTs per panel 1



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