RadComm RC2W34


Detect hidden radioactivity contained in Waste and Scrap Loads with the

RC2W34-2 series vehicle radiation detection system!


Detection Capability/Overall Sensitivity:

3.3uCi (116 mCi) / 122kBq (4.3 GBq)* Unshielded Source (Shielded Source)

*Radiation measurement of 137Cs (point source) at 1 meter from the face of the detector (the radiation exposure level is comparable to a 75mm dia. x 150mm 137Cs lead sealed source buried in 40 lbs/ft3 (0.7 g/cm3) of scrap metal)

  • Excellent detector technology and coverage
  • User friendly, easy to operate
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Unique ease of installation
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Easily upgradeable to RadComm's RC2000 series and RC4000 series software
The RC2W34-2 series of radiation portal monitoring system was specifically designed to detect radioactive material contained in a moving vehicle loaded with waste and scrap metal/material.
The innovative design of the RC2W34-2 is the result of customers’ demands for best in class scanning coverage of vehicles with the lowest cost of ownership.
The RC2W34-2 series utilizes high quality PVT scintillators and highly sensitive PMT's coupled with high grade electronics and proven signal processing alarm algorithms. With the click of a mouse, the system can instantaneously relearn background levels providing accurate scanning while maintaining a low false alarm rate.
If radiation signatures are present in a load of waste or scrap material, the system will immediately alarm and flash red to alert the user that a potential radioactive source has been detected.
Utilizing RadComm's experience and success in remote access the RC2W34-2 was incorporated with internet connectivity so that testing and maintenance can be performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most issues can be resolved within a matter of minutes from RadComm's service center or any one of our fully licensed RadComm service agents.
Software Features
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  • WindowsTM  based PC software for menu
  • Easy to follow multilingual menu outlines and descriptions
  • Easy to set alarm configuration menu
  • Radiation levels displayed in counts per second or mR/h, nSv/h
  • Adjustable audio alarm
  • Network access for remote service and monitoring




Detector Features


The range of RC2W34-2 series provides an extremely high degree of detection capability for a wide variety of radioactive elements. The detectors utilize large plastic scintillation panels that are extremely sensitive to Medical and Industrial radiation. The geometrical shape of the detectors has been designed specifically for monitoring a wide range of vehicles.


  • Large premium grade PVT scintillators
  • Total of 34.5 litres PVT volume
  • Low density shield on face of detector panel
  • Dual layer thermal insulation protection (-20oC to +50oC)
  • High signal to noise ratio PMT
  • HIgh speed pulse processor
  • Noise reduction hardware/software
  • 2 output drivers (24Vdc@50mA) for remote indicators
  • INternal non-radioactive test source for detailed and repeatable system checks
  • 24Vdec input voltage @ 1.5A
  • Energy range: 50KeV to 2.0MeV (incident)




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