PED Blue


The PED-Blue is a high quality Personal Dosimeter, featuring the same design and features as the Tracerco PED-IS, in a lighter weight, non-IS model. The charging dock is no longer required and the device can be charged with a direct micro USB connection, giving greater flexibility. The PED Blue can also be configured to use either 2 or 4 dose alarm levels. This is customisable through DoseVision™ software'

Tracerco radiation survey meters are new to Canada, and represent an extremely robust, reasonably priced instrument for multiple purposes. The Tracerco Personal Electronic Dosimeter Blue offers an array of unique features in a durable shell.


33keV to 1332 keV

0-10 Sieverts


Accumulated dose (0-10Sv)

Peak radiation dose rate (0-100mSv/hr)

Time remaining to dose alarm

Exposure graph

Computer software features:

Quick reset of dose data

Recording of individual exposures automatically displayed on a bar graph, detailing peak dose rates, and total exposure received.

Exposures can be associated with different tasks by the user, which allows detailed tracking of exposures for each separate task identified by the user.

Ingress Protection Rating

IP67 (dust tight and will withstand water immersion up to 1 meter)


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