The transparent source C-Thru’s source holder is made of transparent, durable plastic. The radioactive area…
The lightweight FeatherLite weighs up to 60% less than other rigid flood sources. FeatherLite is…
The flexible source The Perflexion flood source reduces bulk and weight with its unique flexible…

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Flood Sources

Eckert & Ziegler Isotope Products offers a full range of Flood sources, with special applications in mind. C-Thru, featherlite and Perflexion sources are all integrated with ProKem Technology™, and is Eckert and Ziegler's proprietary method of imprinting radioactive materials on an ultralightweight and secure inner layer. 

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ProKem Technology™ begins with proprietary chemistry and results in a unique purification and production process that produces cleaner Cobalt for a more uniform source. This yields superior camera calibration, less variation and, ultimately, better quality control.


ProKase Picture

The following video demonstrates the ProKase in action.

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