Dose Calibrator Vials

For Medical and Research Dose Calibration

These reference sources are intended for the daily calibration of dose calibrators. They are NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) calibrated within +/- 5% at the 99% confidence level. Each source includes NIST calibration certificate, leak test, and common specifications.


Item # Nuclide Activity (Bq) Activity (Ci)
RV-022-200U Na-22 7.4MBq 200uCi
RV-057-5M Co-57 185 MBq 5 mCi
RV-057-10M Co-57 370 MBq 10 mCi
RV-068-5M Co-68 185 MBq 5mCi
RV-060-50U Co-60 1.85 MBq 51 uCi
RV-133-250U Ba-133 9.25 MBq 250 uCi
RV-137-100U Cs-137 3.7 MBq 100uCi
RV-137-200U Cs-137 7.4 MBq 200 uCi
RV-137-250U Cs-137 9.25 MBq 250 uCi
RV-SET-1 Dose Calib. Sets. 1, same as RV-SET + Co-60, 50uCi    
RV-SET-2 Dose Calib. Sets. 2, Co-57, 5mCi, Co-60, 50uCi, Cs-137, 200uCi    
RV-SET Dose Calib. Sets., Co-57 5mCi, Cs-137, 200uCi, Ba-133, 250uCi