Most of our instruments are available as rental equipment. Our rental rates are competitive, and allow you to try out survey meters prior to purchase, or if you are in a position of only needing occasional use of an instrument, a rental may be the best solution.

Rental survey meter models regularly available are:

Manufacturer Model Purpose
Ludlum 3-97 NORM
WB Johnson DSM-525 NORM
TracerCo T-407 Intrinsically Safe NORM
WB Johnson DSM-500 Frisker Personnel Surveys
Ludlum Model 26 Personnel Surveys
Ludlum Model 3-IS Intrinsically Safe NORM
TracerCo PED Intrinsically Safe Dosimeter
Rados Rad-60 Dosimeter
Ludlum M-25-1 Dosimeter
Ludlum M-25-IS-1 Intrinsically Safe Dosimeter
SE International Inspector Contamination
TracerCo T-401 Contamination
SE International Monitor 4EC Moderate Dose Rate
TracerCo T-202 Intrinsically Safe Moderate Dose Rate
TracerCo T-402 Moderate Dose Rate


We also offer demo units of many instruments that can be arranged to see if an instrument suits your needs.

You can access a copy of our survey meter rental agreement here. Simply fill out the mandatory fields, highlighted in red and email the completed and signed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will contact you with further details regarding the rental.

To get pricing or to enquire about specific instruments as rentals please Contact Us.