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Pillow Wedge

Pillow Wedge copyStabilizing while still making your patients comfortable for accurate imaging with DaTscan and General Brain Imaging. Each set comes as a 13 piece set, including a case and 2 sizes of each pad for use with adults and children. Choose from Clinical Vinyl Coated or Clinical Healthcare Fabric. Both options are hand made from the highest grade “Memory Foam” and easily cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant. Clinical Vinyl Coated Pillow Wedge Kits are precision cut, vinyl coated impermeable kits with a puncture resistant coating. Clinical Healthcare Fabric Pillow Wedge Kits are tear resistant, polyurethane coated on weft knitted fabric for “high volume use.”



Pillow Wedge 13 piece Clinical Immobilization set...................... 0652-0039

includes: 2 head rest 1 pads, 2 neck rolls, 4(small/large) wedges for lateral support, 4(small/large) squares and a strap to support the head. Complete in a carrying/storage case, choice of antibacterial vinyl coated or Healthcare Fabric