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Digital Mammographic Phantom

Capintec 2015 Catalog 589The Digital Mammography Phantom is a small version of the Mammographic Accreditation Phantom. The Phantom is used for monitoring digital mammography systems currently used for stereotactic biopsy and localization.

The wax insert of the phantom is 5 x 5 cm and contains simulated microcalcifications, nylon fibrils and tumor-like masses. These are identical to the test objects in the Mammographic Accreditation Phantom, except the two largest fibers, microcalcification groups and masses are omitted. The largest simulated microcalcification and tumor-like masses are the image requirement for Screen Film accreditation. The second nylon fibril is the accreditation requirement.

An 8x8 cm acrylic adapter with a cutout for placement of the 5x5 cm wax insert allows users to use the standard base (supplied with the phantom).



• Test Objects:

• (3) Simulated Microcalcifications
• (4) Nylon Fibrils
• (3) Tumor-like Masses



• Dimensions: 1.75” x 4” x 4.25” (4.5 x 10.2 x 10.8 cm)
• Weight: 1.2 lbs. (0.55 kg)



Digital Mammography Phantom.................................................... 0695-0129