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Customizable Lead-Lined Cabinetry

Capintec 2015 Catalog 469

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Example of a 30 inch cabinet in stainless steel finish with a Corian countertop, one 4-drawer module and two shelves

Customizable Configuration to Fit Your Facility's Unique Workspace Needs

Capintec has developed a new shielded cabinetry line with two sizes to optimally fit within the space constraints of your laboratory. The stainless steel internal configuration is customizable to streamline workflow for improved efficiency.

First select the preferred size cabinet exterior, and then customize the inside in any combination of modular inserts: drawer sets, flood and phantom inserts, or shelves.

Finally, select either stainless steel or powder-coated cabinet finish, with either a stainless steel or medical grade Corian countertop.



• Cabinets available in two sizes

• 22" wide x 24" deep x 40" high
• 30" wide x 24" deep x 40" high

• Larger custom widths available
• Lead shielding available in ¼, ½ or 1 inch (0.63, 1.3, or 2.5 cm)

• Doors can be hinged on right or left side 

• Three types of modular inserts currently available:

• 4 Drawer Set- Optional additional lead shielding
• Adjustable Vertical Dividers for floods and phantoms
• Adjustable Height Horizontal Shelves- 1 to 8

• Custom inserts available by request

• All inserts are fabricated from stainless steel
• Lead shielding is fully encased in your choice of stainless steel or powder-coated steel
• Countertops available in stainless steel or medical grade Corian with drip-edge and 4" high back-splash
• Contiguous countertop option for multiple units
• Each drawer or shelf can support up to 80 lbs.
• Sink and Refrigerator also available


Modular Inserts:    
Capintec 2015 Catalog 472 Capintec 2015 Catalog 471 Capintec 2015 Catalog 473

Drawer Module

Available with or without individually shielded fronts- Select up to three (depending on cabinet width) for each cabinet

Flood Phantom Module

Vertical dividers allow for easy storage of up to four flood phantoms - Select up to three modules (depending on cabinet width) for each cabinet (up to 12 Phantoms)


 Adjustable height shelves- Available in three different widths (dependent on selection of other modules) - Select up to eight per cabinet 

Example Cabinet Configurations:    
Capintec 2015 Catalog 474 Capintec 2015 Catalog 476 Capintec 2015 Catalog 477
Capintec 2015 Catalog 475 Capintec 2015 Catalog 478 Capintec 2015 Catalog 479