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Production Hot Cells


Capintec 2015 Catalog 459Designed for manufacturing of radioisotopes and precisely engineered and constructed for continuous dependable protection and reliable use. Different configurations of external dimensions, shielding and utilities available. Developed for production purposes and/or to house various radiochemistry modules. Available with turbulent flow ventilation and continuous negative pressure.



• Sealed units available
• Available in 50mm, 60mm or 75mm shielding
• Dual configuration synthesis cells with "over/under" or side by side design
• Large working space permits use with all current automated synthesis modules
• Optional waste chute and storage available
• Modular design
• Optional viewing windows available
• Shielding on all sides
• Stainless steel lined on all sides and doors
• Custom configurations available


Capintec 2015 Catalog 460


Capintec 2015 Catalog 462


Capintec 2015 Catalog 461

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