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Research Hot Cells

Capintec 2015 Catalog 441Precisely engineered and constructed for continuous dependable protection and reliable everyday laboratory use. These cells come standard with shielding for the ionization chamber and utility connections.



• Precision engineered and designed with your needs in mind
• Manufactured using the highest quality materials
• All utilities, penetrations, dimensions and ancillary shielding can be custom designed to meet your facility's requirements
• Shielding on all sides (360°)
• Available in 50mm, 60mm or 75mm shielding
• Hinged, sliding or vertical door options
• Custom configurations available
• Large workspace areas
• High intensity illumination
• Seamless welded stainless steel interior 

Capintec 2015 Catalog 443 Capintec 2015 Catalog 442
Capintec 2015 Catalog 446


Capintec 2015 Catalog 447

Capintec 2015 Catalog 445