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Radiation Fume Hoods


Radiation Fume Hood copyRadiation Fume Hoods in a wide variety of configurations are now available from Capintec. The hoods are constructed of type 304 stainless steel and include an integral bottom with cup sink option. The one piece interior is free of joints, cracks, or crevices which prevents buildup of residue and simplifies decontamination procedures. Available in six colors to match your lab decor, these radiation fume hoods can be configured for a seated or standing working height. Because of the unique air flow and accessory requirements that are typical for radiation fume hood applications please contact Capintec to discuss your special needs.



• Capintec offers both shielded and standard configurations
• 4 and 6 foot lengths available
• 1 1/4" and 2" lead shielding also available
• Custom configuration services available
• Optional integrated mobile lead glass work shields
• Three remotely controlled service fixtures
• Dedicated remote blower for superior exhaust characteristics



Radiation Fume Hood 4 ft. ................................... 5730-0025