Turn Around Support

ALARA Consultants is an innovative leader in the Canadian NORM consulting business and has been working with NORM prone industries since the 1990s (before the there any Cdn. NORM guidelines).  We have thousands of hours of on site experience and delivery hundreds of NORM training courses to many companies and students over the last 20 years.

turnAroundImageOur aim is to provide industry with the knowledge, skills, detection equipment to manage NORM materials properly and in a cost effective manner.

The NORM Turnaround Services offered by Alara Consultants range from on-site management of personnel, on-site training, pre-turnaound assessments and planning. We can assist in arranging disposal of NORM materials in the most cost effective manner possible. We can recommend procedures and protocols to make workers feel comfortable when dealing with radioactive materials.

Site services:

  • Pre-turnaround planning and logistics, including site NORM Surveys
  • Monitoring for the spread of NORM contamination on equipment and workers
  • Providing NORM Personal Protective Equipment
  • On-site advice for NORM regarding:
    • Tank cleaning
    • Abrasive blasting
    • Ventilation
    • Transportation
    • Labelling and containment
    • Regulatory requirements
    • NORM decontamination

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