WB Johnson GP-200

WB Johnson GP-200 Thin Window End Window GM Detector

Measures C-14, P-32, S-35 and Cs-137 with good efficiency. Has thin end window with 90% open SS screen for contamination and gamma dose monitoring to 200 mR/hr base on Cs-137 calibration.


Thin Window GM


GENERAL Intended for general alpha, beta, and some gamma measurements
Compatibility All WB Johnson Instruments (others on request)
Operating Voltage 900 vdc
Window Thickness 1.6 mg/cm2
Range 200 mR/hr +_ energy dependent
CPM - mR/hr(Cs-137) 2500
Energy Response 60keV- 2 MeV gamma
Sensitive Area 9 cm2
Finish Black Polyurethane
Dimensions 1.2" dia x 5.5" L
Environmental -20° F[-28° C]-140° F[60° C] | 5-95% RH non-condensing IPX4
Weight 8 oz