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WB Johnson HP-265 Pancake Probe Thin Window GM

The HP-265, commonly known as the "Pancake" probe, has become the most popular detector for the general measurement of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma measurements. Built inside a ruggedized housing, this detector is the best general detector for most types of measurement applications.


Thin Window GM


General The best "all-purpose" detector. Sensitive to most Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Radiation
Compatibility Compatible with all WB Johnson Instruments and Area Monitors (Additional Manufacturer compatibility upon request)
Range 0-200 mR/hr Dose (Cs-137) Requires linearization above 50 mR/hr
Energy Response Alpha - 3.5 meV min, Beta - 1 keV min, Gamma - 20 keV-2 meV
Operating Voltage 900vdc
Window Density 1.6 mg/cm3
Dead Time 20 uSec
Sensitivity (Cs-137) 3300 CMP/mR/hr
Sensitive Area 15 cm2
Environmental -20°F (-28°C) - 140°F (60°C) | 5-95% RH
Circuitry 100% Digital Microprocessor Controlled
Dimensions 2.74" (7cm) Dia x 5.511" (28cm) L
Weight 1lbs. (.5Kiles)
Construction Cast Aluminum & Stainless Steel