WB Johnson GP-1004

WB Johnson Energy Compensated GM Probe

The GP Series detectors are excellent detectors for general gamma monitoring. Its small size and rugged design make the GP Series Detectors some of the most durable and reliable detectors available.

The GP-1004 is the highest range Energy compensated GM Detector available from WB Johnson


Energy compensated GM


GENERAL Intended for general gamma (dose) measurements
Compatibility ALL WB Johnson Instruments (others on request)
Operating Voltage 525 vdc
Wall Thickness .035"
Range 0-1,000,000 uSv/hr
CPM -mr/hr(Cs-137) 1,100
Energy Response 50keV - 2 MeV gamma
Sensitive Area 1.5" x .566"
Finish Epoxy & PVC coated aluminum housing
Dimensions 1" dia x 4" L
Environmental -20° F[-28° C]-140° F[60° C] | 5-95% RH
Weight 4oz
Saturation >500R/hr