Observa Featured

Observa™ is an installed system that measures radiation dose rates and ensures radiation safety and source security. The scalable system is built around a wall mounted control unit that displays live dose rate and alarm status and is extremely flexible allowing adoption in various applications.


Observa™ incorporates a number of key features and benefits

  • Conditional alarm inputs and relay outputs
  • Security features such as missing source alarm
  • Remote access to software
  • Simple to use software with a floor plan view
  • Data logging functionality
  • User configurable interlocks
  • Full range of detectors for any application
  • Large easy to read display

The Observa™ system is customisable depending on your requirements.

Observa™ Control Unit

The Observa™ Control Unit is wall mounted and displays live dose rates from up to 3 detectors. It has a large bright screen and the alarm status is displayed by the Tracerco man. The unit can be integrated with external systems via smart inputs and outputs.


The Observa™ Control Unit provides a number of benefits that include:

  • Improved safety - easy to set up, install and use.
  • Continued operation in the event of interrupted power supply.
  • Systems options and input/output are fully customisable giving the user the option of a bespoke system to suit their requirements.
  • Wide variety of detectors available.
  • Ready to use with simple plug and play probes.

Observa™ Software

Observa™ Software is used to view live data and set alarms. Users can upload floor plans and drag and drop detectors into place. The software can be installed on a standard windows desktop PC or on a dedicated industrial panel PC. A single click from the home page can open views of live data or recent history for a detector. A missing source alarm option is also available.


Key benefits of the Observa™ Software are:

  • Email, SMS and a Webserver portal provides remote notification and monitoring.
  • Live editable floor plan view provides a contextual map of the monitored area.
  • Data history view which provides evidence of working in safe conditions.
  • Data logging functionality for incident or audit review purposes
  • Missing source alarm for increased security and radioactive source management.

Observa™ 24/7

Observa™ 24/7 is the complete radiation data and system management solution. A dedicated industrial PC is included to provide guaranteed 24/7 monitoring of radiation data. This can be used to drive additional large TFT displays and comes pre-installed with the Observa™ Software.


Benefits of Observa™ 24/7 include:

  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Secure alarm communication and data logging.
  • A large display which can be positioned at entry point providing increased safety and worker assurance.

Smart I/Os

A range of smart input and outputs can be integrated with the Observa™ system to activate at alarm thresholds. These include door interlocks, proximity switches and alarm beacons.