TracerCo T-202 Dose Meter


TracerCo T-202 Intrinsically Safe Gamma Meter

TracerCo radiation survey meters are new to Canada, and represent an extremely robust, reasonably priced instrument for multiple purposes. The new energy compensated and Intrinsically Safe T-202 dose rate meter offers quick and accurate GM detection for Gamma radiation. 


Dose Rate Range:


0-1,000 uSv/hr on Bar Graph

0-10,000 uSv/hr Numeric

Accumulated Dose:

0-10,000 uSv

Peak Dose Rate:

0-10,000 uSv/hr

Ingress Protection Rating

IP65 (dust tight and will withstand water jets)

Intrinsically Safe


User Manual




The following video demonstrates the T-202 in use.


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