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TracerCo T-403 Contamination Meter

TracerCo radiation survey meters are new to Canada, and represent an extremely robust, reasonably priced instrument for multiple purposes.

The detector probe is attached to 10m of cable. This modification allows the monitor to be used to survey internal surface contamination levels on pipes and drains up to 10m away from the body of the monitor. The T403 is supplied with an extension pole kit capable of securely deploying the detector probe during monitoring operations. The kit comprises 11 lengths of flexible polypropylene tubing and an inter-connector capable of linking the detector assembly to the extension pole.

The contamination meter (T-403) features a removable probe on a flexible cable, Bq/cm2 measurements with background subtraction and precalculated efficiencies for:

  • Tc-99m

  • F-18

  • Y-90

  • Sr-89

  • I-125

  • I-131

  • Tl-201

  • Sm-153

  • Cs-137

  • Am-241

  • C-14

  • Cl-36

  • Pb-210

  • Ra-226

  • Sr-90

  • Co-60

  • Ni-63

  • P-32

  • Pu-239

  • U-238


The following video demonstrates the T-201, which is identical to the T-403 except that the T-201 is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments, and has a shorter cable to the probe head.

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