WB Johnson - GSM-500

WBJohnson GSM-500 Multi Purpose Radiation Survey Meter


The GSM-500 Survey meter is an excellent multi purpose unit as it works with many WB Johnson probes. It's analog auto-rainging readout allows for quick interpretation of measurements, and a highly configurable intrument. These meters can be customized to specific applications, be it contamination monitoring, dose rate, or NORM measurements.


Full Probe Selection



Input Sensitivity 0.050V
External CPM/Dose Switch External Switch selects CPM mode or Dose Linearized mode
Four Linear Ranges 0-0.2, 0-2,0-20,0-200 mR/hr
0-500,0-5,000, 0-50,000, 0-500,000 CPM
Ranges will depend on selected probes
Calibration Controls Each mode & range has separate non-interacting controls
Diagnostics HV Out of Range, Battery Low, Probe Over Range
Range Adjustment Auto-Ranging
Electrical Non-Linearity +- 5% of Full Scale
Response Time Optimized for Each Range
Drift <5%
Audio On-Off Front Panel Switch, water and solvent resistant
Environmental -20° F[-28° C]-140° F[60° C] | 5-95% RH IPX4 Housing
High Voltage Adjustable 300-1500 VDC|Regulation +-1%
Low Voltage +5 VDC & -5 VDC Regulation +-0.5%
Battery 6 "AA" Alkaline-400 hours nominal
Meter 3.5" Scale | Ruggedized Meter Movement
Calibrated 0-500 | 0-0.2 | Linearity +-3%
Circuitry Digital Microprocessor Controlled w/Analog Readout
Dimensions 5.25" (14cm) H x 4" (10cm) W x 7" (18cm) L
Weight 2.5 lbs. (1.2 Kilos)
Probes Supports all Johnson Probes
Probe Energy Response Depends on Selected Probes