TracerCo T-401 Contamination Meter

TracerCo T-401 Contamination MeterTracerCo radiation survey meters are new to Canada, and represent an extremely robust, reasonably priced instrument for multiple purposes.


The contamination meter (T-401) features a removable probe on a flexible cable, Bq/cm2 measurements with background subtraction and precalculated efficiencies for:

  • Tc-99m

  • F-18

  • Y-90

  • Sr-89

  • I-125

  • I-131

  • Tl-201

  • Sm-153

  • Cs-137

  • Am-241

  • C-14

  • Cl-36

  • Pb-210

  • Ra-226

  • Sr-90

  • Co-60

  • Ni-63

  • P-32

  • Pu-239

  • U-238



The following video demonstrates the T-201, which is identical to the T-401 except that the T-201 is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments.

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