Csp-DICOM Pacs Compatibility for the CAPTUS 4000e

With Cap-DICOM™, the Capintec Captus® 4000e gains the advantage of DICOM connectivity.

Cap-DICOM™ adds DICOM modality worklist and DICOM export to the Captus® 4000e. This solution allows patient information and demographics to be pulled from the Radiology Information System (RIS) or Hospital Information System (HIS), thus, reducing errors and time associated with the manual input of patient information.

Cap-DICOM™ creates a DICOM secondary capture image from information generated during the uptake procedure. The software exports the DICOM image files to a destination DICOM C-Store provider specified by the user. This destination may be a nuclear medicine workstation or PACS.

The fully integrated DICOM interface communicates directly with hospital information systems, and can transfer patient, wipe test, and QC data.



• Configurable options integrate nuclear medicine into the RIS and PACS environment
• Ability to query the worklist provider by accession number, patient ID, patient name or date
• Intuitive, easy to read user interface to quickly sort and search the worklist
• Ability to correct patient information before exporting
• Ability to review final reports before exporting to a nuclear medicine


• Integrates the Captus® 4000e into a Dicom Radiology Information system and PACS environment 

• Supports multiple vendors for nuclear medicine workstations, RIS and PACS systems
• Increases department efficiency and workflow
• Reduces errors associated with the manual input of patient information
• Increases accuracy of patient information in the PACS environment
• Merged uptake reports with thyroid scans can be displayed as a DICOM image

• Improved physician efficiency in interpretation and clinical review of the workstation or PACS combined thyroid uptake report and imaging procedure


Cap-DICOM™ Software................................................................. 5450-0003


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